Get answers from your Airtable data.

No-Code Data Visualization Platform that lets you
Embed Dashboards, Get Data Alerts,
Generate Insights from AI, and more.

# Problem 1

Do you often ask developers for reports?

  • Use our Query Builder and AI to get answers from your SQL data.
  • Ask our team of experts to build Dashboards for you.
  • And keep your developers focused on building features.
# Problem 2

Are your SaaS customers asking for analytics?

  • Embed beautiful Dashboards with customer context in your SaaS Application.
  • Share custom Dashboard URLs with specific customer data.
  • And keep your customers engaged.
# Problem 3

Missing critical business events?

  • Add Alerts to your reports and get notified via Email/Slack.
  • Notification is sent when data changes, crosses a threshold, or in a scheduled manner.
  • Be informed and make better business decisions.

How it works?

Connect with Airtable Database

Sign up on Draxlr, choose a plan that suits your business, and connect Draxlr to your database. Connect multiple airtable databases.

Filter, Sort, and
Summarize data

Build queries to filter, sort, and summarize your data. Join data from multiple tables and group summarized values.

Build your

Monitor data on multiple dashboards. Get data alerts, URL sharing, data image downloading, link embedding, and API for your insights and queries.

Check if Draxlr fits your needs

Quick get started with Draxlr, connect your database, build dashboards and setup alerts.

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Let’s get you started

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