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Whatever information you aim to extract from your data, our comprehensive query builder stands prepared to assist. It integrates five robust data querying tools, eliminating the necessity for manual code composition. Through intuitive visual interfaces, these tools adeptly address complex data inquiries with ease and precision.

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Query Builder

visual query-builder

You do not require advanced technical proficiency to utilize the Draxlr Query Builder.
Construct queries effortlessly through intuitive visual tools such as Filter, Join, Sort, Summarize, and Group by options.
This reflects the user-friendly approach that Draxlr embodies in its analytics and monitoring solutions.

Sort & Filter—clean your data

Use the filter and Sort tool in the query builder to refine and organize your data. Save the cleaned data and build on top, later—or, export to CSV or xlsx.

Join data to establish relations

The Draxlr Join tool can automatically present you with all the possible joining options. Use the join tool to join data from multiple tables and establish insight revealing relations.

Summarize and group data

To perform operations like addition, average, count, and such—use the summarization tool. The group tool can distribute the summarized value, based on a specific field.

Switch to writing raw queries

Draxlr provides the facility to write raw queries, with SQL code editor and formatting. Conveniently switch from the user-friendly query builder to writing raw queries, and vice-versa, at any time.

A familiar interface

On Draxlr you get a familiar interface to build your queries. Easy drop-down menus to navigate options and graphic icons to locate tools. Draxlr interface has a gentle learning curve.

Choose and build

The no-code tools, under its hood, do most of the technical heavy-lifting. You simply choose the options provided by the tools and build your query.

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