Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Draxlr?

Draxlr is an online platform cum software that provides data analysis, visualization, monitoring, and sharing. Draxlr is a no-code platform, where users can build data queries without writing a single line of code. Users need to connect their database, build queries using the Draxlr query builder, visualize the query, and then add it to a dashboard for monitoring & sharing. Data on Draxlr can be exported, visuals can be downloaded, dashboard elements can be set to send data alerts, dashboard URLs can be shared and embedded to websites, and insights can be ingested to other apps via REST APIs.

How much does it cost?

To learn more about the pricing and features offered at different price brackets you can visit our Pricing Page

What databases are supported by Draxlr?

Draxlr currently supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, CockroachDB, PlanetScale, YugabyteDB, Redshift, and BigQuery. Support for Snowflake is under development. Draxlr can also be found in the Heroku marketplace, from where it can be provisioned to your Heroku app/databases.

Why prefer Draxlr over excel?

Well, the reasons for using Draxlr over excel are many. For starters, Excel has a steeper learning curve with a lot of complex processes involved in building queries. Data visualization on excel is also much more complicated than on Draxlr. You can also save your queries and load them later and build on top; you cannot, on excel. Finally, excel completely lacks the data monitoring and sharing functions.

You can save visualizations on excel, but you cannot set them to automatically refresh the data. On Draxlr you can add visualizations to a dashboard and set them for periodic data refresh. Draxlr will also send you data change alerts to your email and Slack channels. You can share the visualization URL, embed the URL to websites and applications, and even request for API.

How long does it take to learn Draxlr?

Draxlr has a very gentle learning curve. The interface is streamlined and easy to navigate. You will not need to write a single line of query. The query tools are simple with the point-and-click menu-based operation. Everything else including visualization, monitoring, and sharing, has either an instant button or is found in the easy drop-down menus. Draxlr can be learned in only a few short weeks, if not less, even by professionals who are new to analytics.

How many queries can you save?

You can save unlimited queries on Draxlr.

Is there a limit to sharing data?

No, you can download visuals as many times as you need. You can share & embed dashboard URLs unlimited times, and you can request API as many times as you need.

To what format will the data export?

Draxlr can export your data in CSV and Excel format.

To what format will the visualizations be downloaded?

Draxlr gives you the option to download your visuals in PNG format.

When will Draxlr send notifications?

Draxlr uses the most optimized way of sending notifications. On every refresh, Draxlr will check if any values are changed in your Dashboard Item. If it has only then the Draxlr will send you alerts. Draxlr sends notifications to your email and Slack channels. You never miss a data change, yet you are not constantly bothered with automated notifications.

How to receive notifications?

Draxlr will automatically send you data change notifications, but only after you have activated the data change alerts on your dashboard elements. You will have to separately configure the alert for each dashboard element. You can select alerts to be sent to a specific Slack channel and multiple emails. You can set different Slack channels and different emails for different dashboard elements.

To which Slack workspace will Draxlr send notifications?

Draxlr will send notifications to the Workspace assigned to the email id with which you are logged into Draxlr. You can further select only one Slack channel per Dashboard element for receiving notifications.

What is editing invited user permission?

You can invite multiple users to your account to analyze the data alongside you. You can configure the access of each user you invite to your database. You can edit their access to each table on your database.

How does Draxlr compare against the leading BI tools like Power BI, Tableau, and Sisense?

Draxlr is drastically cheaper than all the industry front-liners like Power BI, Tableau, and Sisense. Yet you get the essential BI features like query building, data visualization, monitoring, and sharing. With Power BI Premium, for example, you need to pay an additional $20/month for every extra user. With Draxlr Premium you don’t need to pay any additional charge, you can invite people based on your plan.

Further, the top BI tools will require considerate data science knowledge in advance, and still pose a steep learning curve. Draxlr however is made for all; its operation is intentionally designed such that even beginners and non-tech professionals can quickly get a grip of the features.

How to connect database?

Check the connect to database part in the documentation.

How to Build Dashboards?

Build Dashboards with a single click of a button. Build a query, visualize it, and click the “Add to dashboard” button. Name your dashboard element, select a dashboard to add it to, select display visuals, set data refresh interval, and add to the dashboard. For a more detailed guide check the Dashboard part in the documentation.

Where do I start?

Ideally, you should sign up, connect to your database and start analyzing. However, if you are having doubts about how the platform works, you can either go through the documentation or schedule an appointment with our team to get a better understanding.

Let’s get you started

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