Draxlr + PostgreSQL

Connect your Postgres Database with Draxlr to build Graphs, Charts and Dashboards.
Setup Slack and email alerts on your PostgreSQL database.

Query Builder

Draxlr lets you get answers from your PostgreSQL database without writing code. There's a full support for query builder for Postgres Databases

Data types support

Draxlr supports all the data types PostgreSQL has to offer. This lets you drill down into your data to get answers you're looking for.

Postgres Extensions Support

Draxlr recognizes many Postgres extensions, and if they can be supported Draxlr will give you option to filter and sort by those.

Multiple Schema support

When you connect your PostgreSQL database with Draxlr, you can choose the database schema want to use with Draxlr, you're not just limited to the public schema.

PostgreSQL compatible DBs

Apart from the classic PostgreSQL, Draxlr also supports many postgres compatible database like YugabyteDB, Amazon Aurora etc.

Support for Heroku and others.

Draxlr supports directly connecting your PostgreSQL database from Heroku. You can also your database credentials and SSH connections.

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Quick get started with Draxlr, connect your database, build dashboards and setup alerts.

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