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Beyond analytics and monitoring, Draxlr facilitates versatile sharing options for dashboard elements. Seamlessly embed them into your website or application, share via Public or Protected URLs, and even download graphic images of your visualizations.

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Effortlessly share visualizations directly from your dashboards with just a few simple steps. Access the drop-down settings menu available on all dashboard elements, where you will find options to Embed, Share URL, generate Dashboard Public URLs, and Download Images.

Embed URL to website or app

Monitor your business metrics directly from your website or app. Build a query, visualize & add it to a dashboard, and then embed the element in your website or app.

Share entire dashboard

You can share your entire dashboard with absolutely anyone. Toggle the view of your dashboard from private to shared. Draxlr will then give you the dashboard URL and a respective PIN.

Share dashboard Items

If you need to share a specific insight or visualization from your dashboard–Draxlr can arrange it as well. Every item has a share option that provides the shareable URL to the item.

Download Visualization

Any graph or chart on draxlr can be downloaded as a PNG Image. And not just from the dashboard but also from the Explore Section in Draxlr.

Make API calls to Draxlr

Get more out of your dashboard. Dashboard elements are available as REST API, so you can access your analytics from your App, Websites, and other tools.

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