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All your data monitoring solutions are conveniently consolidated on our dashboards. Construct essential queries to encapsulate your business operations, visualize the results, and seamlessly integrate them into a dashboard. Access these dashboards at any time to gain a comprehensive overview of your business.

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Visualize Business Data

A one-stop
insight overview

This platform serves as the hub where you can swiftly obtain a comprehensive overview of your business operations.
Displaying key business metrics meticulously organized on a unified interface, the dashboard provides the most efficient means to discern the current status of your business affairs at a glance.

Build from saved queries

Easily build a dashboard from saved queries. Add items directly to a dashboard—select any of the saved queries, put a label, set visuals, set refresh interval, and add.

The hub of monitoring features

The dashboard connects you to various data monitoring features, including data change alerts, manual data refresh, sharing URL, dashboard embedding, and requesting API.

Auto-updated insight overview

Set dashboard elements to periodically refresh (ranging from every day to every hour) and sync with your database. Dashboard metrics auto-update with every refresh.

Edit dashboard elements

Conveniently update dashboard elements with the editing feature. Edit label, visuals, refresh interval, the dashboard to add to, and even change the query itself.

Dashboards for multiple issues

Add an unlimited number of dashboards to efficiently manage and organize your insights. Dedicated dashboards for different departments, issues, or projects.

An interactive dashboard

The chart and graph tools make the visuals conveniently interactive. Select specific parts of the visual, zoom into the visual & pan around, and download as a PNG.

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