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You can add database to your Draxlr using two different ways:

  1. Manually Add Database Credentials
    1. On top-left of your screen on the navbar open the database dropdown
    2. Click on Add Database option. You wil be redirected to Add Database Page
    3. You can connect to your database in two different ways
      1. Database URI
      2. SSH

      Enter Credentials of your database and click on Add Database

    4. You will be redirected to Explore section with your new database as current database.

  2. Add Your Heroku Database
  3. Goto Heroku and provision Draxlr to your Heroku app.


To remove a database follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Database you want to remove.
  2. Head out to Settings.
  3. Click on Disconnect Database. If you are not the owner of the database, this step will not remove the database, instead it will remove you from the database.


Admin User(Default User)

When you add Draxlr to your app, you become the first user with all the Admin Access with all the privileges. You can invite more users and provide them access to certain parts of the database.

Inviting Users to your Database

  1. Goto Permissions Section
  2. Click on Invite User Button
  3. Enter the Email of the user and Hit Invite Button
  4. User will receive an email with the invitation Link
  5. After following the link, the User will have to choose a password. Voila!
  6. You can manage all the users from the Permissions Section. You can:
    • Add/Invite More users
    • Remove a user
    • Manage Permission, give them access to certain tables of the Database.


Query Builder

Draxlr provides a unique Advance Query Builder. Which is an highly intuitive interface that lets you run queries against your database without the need to write any SQL queries. You can perform most common queries for Filter and Sort. Execute functions on fields, Group result and even Join Tables.


You can use the query builder to filter the data you want.


You can use the query builder to sort the data you want.


You can use the query builder to join different database tables.


You can apply various functions on Fields to get summarized results.

Group By

You can group your results by fields.

Saved Queries

Draxlr allows you to save the queries you have built using the Query Builder. You can you these queries later to build new queries from or you can add them to the Dashboard(see Dashboard)

Graphs and Charts

Draxlr lets you visualize your data. You can plot your query results in Graphs and Charts. If your query has a Function and a GroupBy then you can plot the values in Graphs and Charts. Various Graphs and Charts are available, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Line Chart and Percentage Chart.

Advance Graph Options and more graph/chart options are under development.


The Dashboard on Draxlr serves as a place where you can all your key metrics to get a glance at your data and process. You can Add a Saved Query to Draxlr Dashboard. When you add a Saved Query to Dashboard you get to choose various Display Options. These options include Tables, Graphs & Charts and Computed Value Card. You can add and remove saved queries to build your custom dashboard. The Saved Queries on Dashboard get refreshed every 12 hours(Base Plan).

Data Export

You can export your queried data in your desired format, you can use Draxlr to filter the data you need and easily export them in CSV or Excel Format. You can use the advance query builder to filter the data then export the results in various formats.


Draxlr can be integrated with various platforms and services

Integration Features are under-development


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