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Invite team members
on Draxlr

Invite team members to your Draxlr account and speed up your analytics. Give access to your database on Draxlr to multiple users, yet maintain your data privacy by controlling their permission. Efficiency and security at the same time.

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Invitations and Permissions

Collaboratively analyze with team

Collaborate with team members and analyze data across multiple domains. Draxlr provides all the necessary features to make the collaboration convenient and effective. Draxlr recognizes the potential of good teamwork.

Tech-NonTech Collab

Draxlr helps bridge communication between technical and non-technical professionals. Using a single account, developers can generate insights and present them to executives.

Edit specific user permission

Maintain the privacy of your data by controlling the access level of your invited users to the database. Invite users and grant them selective permission to specific data tables.

Truly unlimited invites

Premium users can invite unlimited users; a rare feature in the industry. Draxlr gives you absolutely limitless collaboration ability. Pro users get 10 invites.

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