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Export data
to CSV & Excel

Draxlr provides advanced data exporting. Any query you build, including the ones with functions and computations, can be exported to CSV and Excel files(xlsx). On Draxlr you don't just export the data, but you export the query result itself.

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Data Export

Instantly export
your data

Exporting your data on Draxlr is as easy as clicking a button, literally! The "Export Data" button is always available at the bottom of all data query results. Click it anytime to export whatever your data query results.

Versatile CSV files

Draxlr exports your data to CSV files. This standardized data format is editable by something as simple as Excel and Google sheets, to a more complex analytics tool.

The popular, Excel file

If CSV files are versatile, Excel files are popular. If you are used to working with Excel files or your workflow/device/tool requires so, then simply export the query results to xlsx.

Clean data and export

On Draxlr, clean a bulk load of your data with sort & filter, and export them into CSV or xlsx files. Use the cleaned data as input in different business and analytics tools.

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