How to save yourself from building an admin panel

Posted by Aditya Prakash on 11 May 2020

How to save yourself from building an admin panel

What is an admin panel?

Admin panel is an admin specific platform that takes into access and control over the information displayed on the User Interface. The admin panel helps with client-related capacities like managing profiles, tracking transactions, providing insight on user behavior, and much more.

The admin panel frontend user interfaces used to manage and configure your database is an admin interface.

For example - Here is the admin interface for a WordPress account that enables you to make changes to what is displayed to the end-users.

Wordpress Admin Panel

When you go looking for an admin panel, what are the Ideal features that an admin panel should have?


what factors you should be looking at while choosing an admin panel?

Here are the Top 4 features shortlisted to make it easier for you while selecting an admin panel -

Quick Installation :

Quick Installation

Admin Solution takes longer than expected to be developed from scratch as there can be multiple constraints with the development team as to what should be added and whatnot. The question that arises is how eager you are to invest your time and resource into something that shouldn’t hinder your development process or are there suitable options that could save all your time with quicker installation and customization.

A plug & play tool is always a better option if it is both beneficial and cost-effective.

Clear UI:

Clear UI

The admin panel user interface is not the interface of your web application, so there's no compelling reason to place an excessive amount of work into a structure. Nonetheless, the admin panel must be clear and productive enough to let your Business group easily play out their errands consistently.

Your colleagues ought to have the option to discover the information they're searching for or follow up on the information in only three clicks. The interface must be natural and concise.

Add Users:

Add Users

As we know the admin panel gives you the ability to make changes to what is displayed to the end-users. So, It must have an option to add users that control it, be it a small or bigger organization admin users are going to be more than one. Adding a database and sharing it with your teammates with or without constraints must be an option.

This will feature helps you analyze your database with your teammates while you create reports allowing other members to verify it.

Fair Pricing:

Fair Pricing

You are maybe eager to invest early in an admin panel for your business as it is going to help you with increased productivity and provide insight into your data. So spend carefully, at the same time you don’t want to ignore future perspectives. No matter what business you are into you are going to have a budget you should aim at providing your team with the tools that make the process easier and increases efficiency.

What happens when you start to build the admin panel from scratch.

Most of us believe in this one, we can build it ourselves. But you don’t want to overlook the fact that you will end up putting in more time & resources than expected. With tasks adding up, deadline nearing & high cost.

Is it going to be worth it?

Unwillingly, you put a huge number of dollars in the turn of development, design & maintenance of an admin panel. In addition, you divert your group from the primary objective of your business – upgrading and developing the End User Interface application. The admin panel development process becomes never-ending.

Now the question of what are the options available when it comes to admin panels apart from building an admin panel from scratch?

Using plugin libraries:

It's very less tedious than making an admin panel without any preparation since your backend developers get all fundamental CRUD operations immediately – CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE. In any case, the convenience and versatility of such plugin libraries stay unsuitable.

Plugin libraries like - Djangoadmin for Django, Activeadmin for Ruby on Rails.

The UI is outdated that makes it dull & tiresome to use. Likewise, any new component must be coded and added to the system manually.

Using templates:

All set bootstrap solutions are unquestionably the least expensive alternative out there. You can choose from various UI elements in these templates, add a dashboard, add a range of command buttons. This means your in-house group will be saved the burden of design & development.

So, for the amount you pay even after that you will need a backend developer to integrate it, this may also require additional development.

On the drawback, such subjects aren’t flexible and seize your admin interface to a specific format, which can have a negative impact as your business activities keep on scaling.

Thanks to adaptability and ease of use of our platform it could all be hasslefree.

Using SaaS admin solution

SaaS admin solutions like Draxlr are No-Code admin solution where you can simply sign up, add database and you have your admin dashboard setup for you without writing a single line of code.

With features like -

  • CRUD Operations
  • Advanced Queries
  • Custom Dashboard
  • User Permissions
  • Data Export

    All this with an elegant interface is a game-changing solution for all your admin panel needs.

To Conclude when it comes to choosing an admin panel we often tend to overlook the fact this is going to influence our efficiency and help our business grow in the future having the ability to make more informed business decisions with choosing the right admin partner.

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