Saved Queries

Build once,
and use forever.

Your data changes, but your queries don't. So does that mean you will keep building the same queries over and over again? Of Course not, you will build them once and save them. In the future, simply load and build on top.

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Saved Queries

The multifaceted
saving feature

Saving queries have multiple use-cases, with no restrictions; unlimited saves. You can use this feature to keep your data ready for further granular analyses, build dashboards, and update & evolve an existing query. Saving queries is the key to saving time.

Add them to dashboards

Directly add a new element to your dashboard without building a new query. Select a previously saved query and build a dashboard element out of it. Build dashboards faster with saved queries.

Build on saved queries

Use saved queries to set advanced starting points for complex queries. Use query saving to keep your data ready, sorted & filtered. Load a saved query and build on top of it.

Evolve queries over time

Achieve progressive query-building with query saving. Update existing queries as your business grows. Improving old queries, over making new ones. Keep evolving.

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