Graphs & Charts

Engage at once
with visual data

Convert endless rows & columns of tabular data into engaging graphical representations. Click on the easy visualization options (above your query) to instantly convert the query results into bar charts, pie charts, or line graphs.

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Graphs and Charts

Turning tabular data
into insights

It’s the numbers and letters that make up the matter for your insights. But, it’s the visualizations that reveal the insights to you. The Graphs & Charts will easily help you make sense of your data, and quickly spot the trends & outliers.

Effortlessly visualize the data

Once you have built your query, you will find the data visualization buttons right on top of it. Click each button, browse through all the visualizations, and see which one fits your data better.

Hover over and interact

Hover over the bar charts and line graphs for interactivity tools like zoom, pan, box select, and lasso select. Interact to dissect & dig deep into data-rich visuals.

Download visuals as PNG

Find the snapshot tool on all visualizations to instantly download the visual as a PNG file. Works all the same on visuals that are zoomed into and specifically selected.

Compare with Bar charts

Convert your query into bar charts if you are comparing the aggregate productivity or output of multiple entities. Bar charts work best in comparison scenarios.

Track change with line graphs

Use the line graphs to track data change progression over a specific period of time. Tracking sales or customer base progress are good use-cases of line graphs.

Pie charts for distribution

Does your analytics need a lot of work in data distributions? If yes, then pie charts are what you need. Best fit for data distribution.

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