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Never miss
a data change

Draxlr tracks data changes whenever the dashboard refreshes. And for every data change, you receive a screenshot of the dashboard element as an email & a Slack Message. Draxlr keeps you updated with automated data monitoring.

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Alerts & Notifications

What, Where, and
when, you need

It’s the numbers and letters that make up the matter for your insights. But, it’s the visualizations that reveal the insights to you. The Graphs & Charts will easily help you make sense of your data, and quickly spot the trends & outliers.

For every data change

Draxlr checks for data changes at your set periodic intervals. And whenever a change is noted, you will receive a notification in Slack or Email.

Notification in email

Draxlr sends you a screenshot alert of the change by email. Receive notifications in multiple emails, and even set different emails for different dashboard elements.

Notification in Slack channels

You can receive data change notifications as screenshots on Slack channels. You will need to have a Slack account with the email you are logged into Draxlr.

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