Features an Admin Panel must have in 2020

Posted by Aditya Prakash on 27 May 2020

Features an Admin Panel must have in 2020

Admin panels are used by all companies to manipulate their data. The purpose of this blog is to help you understand why in this era there is a need for an admin panel that does more than manipulating data. Everybody wants best for their business, why not have better analytic insight added to it? or the ability to quickly search and download reports? It’s even better to have permission control right?

All the big companies are doing so much better for their operations team with having a fully-featured admin panel. So, before making any decision take time to analyze your business need.

Meanwhile, here is a list of features that will surely help you improve performance and increase productivity.

CRUD Operations

CRUD Operations

CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, and Delete. The four basic functions that allow you to make changes to the Database. It also defines conventions that allow viewing, searching, and modifying. For better understanding,

  • CREATE - To add a new record or entry.
  • READ - Read the data within the input parameters.
  • UPDATE - To update a record.
  • DELETE - To Delete a specific record or row.

CRUD operations are very basic features of an admin panel and must be there.

User Permissions and Controls

user permissions and controls

Having the access rights, adding your teammates while you have control over who has access over which database makes it easier for everyone inside an organization. You shouldn’t be sharing unnecessary data across teams. While you add your database you should have custom control over it.

This will ensure security.

Advance and Custom Queries

advance and custom queries

Advanced and Custom Queries refer to the ability to sort and filter your database, at times you will need to perform actions on certain business data and this feature will enable you to explore your database and let you perform a complex query on your data for the exact data you need without writing any complex SQL query, eventually saving a lot of time.

Analytics and Visualizations

analytics and visualizations

The purpose of analytics is to interpret data into meaningful patterns, Creating reports, and visualizing data make it simpler and more understandable for operations to set up business strategies. Businesses are driven by analytics nowadays, so why should we use a different tool when it can be integrated into an admin panel?? An admin panel should be able to process data qualitatively and quantitatively to ensure that the raw data can be utilized to make informed business decisions at the same time having visually interactive charts & graphs are a must-have for an admin panel. Some people spend most of their time working with the database and having visually interactive data would surely help increase their efficiency.

Data Export and Import

data export and import

Admin panel is not just to retrieve data and make changes anymore, it should also allow you to filter data and then export the required data into various formats making it convenient for the users as now you don’t need to go through all of it or to share something whenever you need them.

Custom Dashboard

custom dashboard In the world of modern design and high expectation for great UI/UX an admin panel dashboard should be customizable, this ensures that you have KPIs displayed on your dashboard as per business requirement making it convenient for the operations team.

Contrary to that while you start building your in house admin panel on the focus is generally on the backend development, an admin interface would be the last thing the developers would be worried about.

Where can I find such an Admin Panel?

Now if you are looking for one, we got you covered.

Draxlr is a No-code SaaS admin panel for your database. Where you can just sign up and add your database, you have an admin panel with all the above-mentioned features. It’s a fully-featured admin solution for your database.

An admin panel that has all these features will surely increase your overall efficiency and at the same time reduce the pressure of building a last-minute admin panel for your database. Eventually saving the cost of building, maintaining, and updating it with time.

While we were preparing a road map for draxlr we learned through our extensive research that many of these features for an admin panel are common across industries. This has helped us design a product that would reduce the cost and increase efficiency.

Draxlr is a No-code SaaS admin panel for your database.

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