Fast-Track your admin panel with Draxlr

Posted by Aditya Prakash on 13 Feb 2020

Fast-Track your admin panel with Draxlr

When we start with a software development project we often tend to overlook small aspects like how much time a feature takes to build. Eventually, a team runs into all kinds of issues, one of the most commonly forgotten areas and can make a big difference is Admin Panel.

Developers and project managers often don’t take the time to plan, design, and implement. Projects can run over because of this. This is where Draxlr comes into the picture.

What is an admin panel you may ask?

It's an admin-specific platform in an application that has access and control of information inside the UI of the site. The admin panel can help user-elated functions, for example, user behavior insight, managing profiles that disregard the site's terms and conditions, and following transactions. In any case, you should know that admin sites are not simply restricted to user-related tasks.


A well-built admin panel can be used as a dashboard to display analytics and business metrics without having to write a single bit of code. Adding to the list QA will love an admin panel for the ease of verifying data, quickly entering or deleting data, and determining whether the issue is front end or back end.

Most web frameworks have module libraries that escalate the making of an admin panel a lot simpler. For instance, PHP/Laravel has LaraAdmin, Ruby/Rails has ActiveAdmin, and the most loved backend structure, Django has an admin panel by default.

But, Operational admin panels are neither free nor cheap. Building and maintaining one requires you to invest a considerable amount of time and resources.

Most admin panels basically achieve two goals: to manipulate and to display data.

Can we take it further? Truly we can! You do need to see a graph of the number of repeated customers, quarterly earnings, and easy of sorting and filtering data is a must. Expanding the limits of admin panels got us here in the first place. With the cost of building and maintaining your own admin panel, we have developed an admin panel that addresses your needs.

Characteristics of a great admin panel:

Considering the limitations above the question rises what are the major qualities you should be looking for when it comes operational admin panels.

1. Scalability:

To begin with, a scalable admin panel tool is the top priority on all the basic features. This may sound low tech yet it requires some investment and resource to build a tool that can dependably serve your operations. This isn't to say you don't likewise require advanced features. Truth be told, the fundamental functionalities alone will never separate you from your rivals. You can just separate your tasks by building innovative, features that make more sense of your data. At last, this requires an organization to have dedicated teams taking a shot at only their internal operational tools.

2. Flexibility:

Companies try to ensure that operational flexibility is the DNA of their tool from the very beginning. To save yourself with back and forth between your developers and the operations team, the latter should be able to make changes via the interface of the admin, adding team members, providing access, and change workflow on their own.

Thanks to adaptability and ease of use of our platform it could all be hasslefree.


Even though you already have an admin panel in place you should make an assessment of the cost that comes with it. A well-built admin panel will increase efficiency, give understanding into information, and assist you to catch bugs; signifying more revenue for your business. By putting resources into the admin panel early, you are going to build your application efficiently and allow your team to do what they do best.

Keeping the top qualities in mind we have built Draxlr - an admin panel with powerful data analytics.

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